April 1 marks opening of Spears Pain & Rehab in Eau Claire

Meeting an urgent and unprecedented need in the Chippewa Valley

Eau Claire, Wis. – April 1 marks the first day of patient care at the newly constructed Spears Pain & Rehab in Eau Claire. The clinic opening means more access to services for patients who may have lost rehabilitation care due to the closing of several health clinics and hospitals in western Wisconsin.

Spears Pain & Rehab, 3864 Talmadge Rd., offers physical pain management; out-patient rehabilitation after serious medical conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury and neurological conditions; nerve testing; and additional non-surgical pain services. It is part of the OakLeaf Medical Network, an independent, locally owned physician network that links health care providers and clinics to more than 30 communities in western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota.

Dr. Eric Spears, a board-certified physician of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), says PM&R as a specialty is not limited to one organ system but rather a whole person approach to health care.

“PM&R physicians are trained to view all aspects of physical health and a patient’s interaction with everything around them – environment, work, family, hobbies and social circumstances. This integrated form of care allows a physician to see to how the body functions at a cellular level.”

Some forms of chronic pain can limit a person’s ability to get exercise, perform job duties and enjoy a high quality of life.

“At its core, PM&R evaluates how every diagnosis may cause certain impairments in bodily functioning, and in turn can lead to a loss of ability,” says Dr. Spears. “Understanding this root cause helps me customize treatments plans that the patient and I are comfortable with, whether short- or long-term.”

Dr. Spears has extensive training in electromyography, a procedure that measures muscle response and electrical activity; osteopathic manipulative therapy, a hands-on treatment used to diagnose, treat and prevent illness or injury; ultrasound; musculoskeletal injections; and Botox injections to treat muscle spasms and other conditions.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Spears, please call (715) 900-2990 or talk with your provider about a referral. For more information about Spears Pain & Rehab, please visit: www.erspears.com

About Spears Pain & Rehab – The mission of Spears Pain & Rehab is to ease suffering by providing treatment and support services to maximize a patient’s independence and well-being. This is accomplished using multimodal approaches to pain management to measurably restore function and reduce discomfort.

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The OakLeaf Medical Network was founded on the premise of making quality accessible health care available to patients in their community, not miles away.