OakLeaf Medical Network Statement Regarding Formation of Chippewa Valley Health Cooperative

March 5, 2024

“Today the Chippewa Valley Health Cooperative announced that it has been formed by seven Chippewa Valley business and community leaders concerned about the access to and cost of healthcare with the HSHS announcement that is closing its hospitals and Prevea clinics by April 21, 2024. These seven “Organizers” are moving quickly to establish the bylaws, the cooperative member structure and the strategic vision for the Cooperative. Planning is in full swing to address the significant healthcare services and hospital bed gaps that are already emerging in the six weeks since HSHS made its announcement.

“OakLeaf Medical Network hired experienced healthcare and hospital executive Mike Sanders to work with us several weeks ago; he is now the lead advisor for the Cooperative. The OakLeaf Medical Network is working to support the Cooperative in many ways, including assuming advisor and consultant costs at this time, as well as providing critical physician input to the planning and strategic process.

“We knew since January 22nd that a community-led solution should be a critical part of the go-forward vision for healthcare and hospitals in the region and are extremely grateful that these seven influential community and business leaders have stepped forward so quickly and volunteered their valuable expertise and experience and time to form the Cooperative.”

Dr. Kyle Dettbarn, Chair of the Board, OakLeaf Medical Network


The OakLeaf Medical Network was founded on the premise of making quality accessible health care available to patients in their community, not miles away.