DeFatta Hearing Aid Specialists

​Hearing loss is often a silent but isolating problem. DeFatta Hearing Aid Experts promises to give you the finest custom solutions for your hearing loss delivered with the concierge service you have come to expect with DeFatta services. You will be amazed with the difference in your quality of life!

Our audiologist and hearing instrument specialist team works with patients of all ages, treating infants, children and adults for a variety of hearing and balance problems. They are responsible for services such as:

  • Fitting and dispensing hearing aids
  • Administering hearing and balance tests
  • Assessing candidacy for and programming implantable hearing devices (e.g., cochlear implants, bone anchored hearing aids, etc.)
  • Counseling patients and their families on communication strategies
  • Designing and implementing hearing conservation programs and newborn hearing screenings
  • Providing aural rehabilitation programs
  • Performing ear-related surgical monitoring


Nancy Huebler

Nancy Huebler


Specialization: Otolaryngology / Ear, Nose & Throat

Primary Address:

1490 Rivers Edge Tr
Altoona, WI 54720
Phone: (715) 828-2368
Outreach Locations:

Black River Falls
Rice Lake